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Input to Impact

STEMconnector’s network of leading executives are asking important questions in boardrooms, classrooms, and communities:

  • How will I know I’m successful in my investments and activities around STEM talent, from K-12 through postsecondary and into the workforce?
  • As an employer, how do I assess both business value and social impact through measurement of these efforts?
  • Which measures are most often used to assess progress towards STEM talent goals – and which should be used more often?

STEMconnector’s latest research report entitled Input to Impact: A Framework for Measuring Success Across the STEM Ecosystem helps answer these questions.

Input to Impact provides a common definition for success and a framework for measurement that can be used to plan and target STEM talent investments for greater impact, and measure progress towards goals. For those already engaged in STEM talent investments, this report provides a framework to assess the impact of existing work and improve returns.

Input to Impact builds off the findings of State of STEM, STEMconnector’s report providing a comprehensive view of the STEM talent ecosystem and of the challenges and opportunities within the ecosystem.

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