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Upskilling & Reskilling in the STEM Workforce

In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz in the corporate and economic spaces around two particular words – upskilling and reskilling. With drastic changes to the nature of work due to advances in automation and digitalization, as well as the accelerating need for STEM skills in a variety of occupations and sectors, it’s no wonder that employers are in need of skill-building solutions for their incumbent workforce.

STEMconnector’s solution deep dive report, Upskilling & Reskilling in the STEM Workforce, provides clarity around the buzzwords with resources, insights, and a framework for making decisions about skill-building programs, including:

  • Working definitions for the terms upskilling and reskilling and helpful categorizations for the types of skill-building programs that can be deployed,
  • Two important paradigm shifts that employers need to make before beginning this journey,
  • Six strategic questions for employers to answer to assess whether and how they might start their own upskilling or reskilling programs,
  • Key considerations to bear in mind, and advice directly from our expert interviewees to help you make your program a success.
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